Notes: Design Patterns

Gang Of Four Book


Abstract Factory- Families of Objects (Factory of factories)

 Abstract Factory Pattern


Factory Method Pattern: Delegate Object Creation to specific base classes

 Factory Method Pattern



Builder Pattern:  Builder focuses on constructing a complex object step by step. Abstract Factory emphasizes a family of product objects (either simple or complex). Builder returns the product as a final step, but as far as the Abstract Factory is concerned, the product gets returned immediately.

Builder Pattern

Prototype: Has Clone method

Prototype Pattern



Chain Of Responsibility: Client has no direct reference to the object that ultimately fulfills it. For example Print Button.

Chain Of Responsibility


Adapter Pattern:

Adaptor Pattern


Command Pattern:

 Command Pattern




Bridge Pattern

Mediator – Object Behavioral


Mediator Pattern



Proxy Pattern




Decorator Pattern


 Strategy: Different strategies for different Implementations

 Strategy Pattern


State: State Of an Object

 State Pattern


Observer: Subscribe, Observe state change, unsubscribe

Observer Pattern


Pattern Classification

Pattern Classification


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