Is TDD Dead?

Is TDD dead? I don’t think so.

Is TDD a replacement for good design? No, in that a bad or an inexperienced designer can come up with very bad system even though he follows TDD.

What did DHH achieve by writing that (Is TDD Dead) piece? A discussion. Even good developers get stuck up with methodology and forget that those (TDD, craftsmanship, agile, RoR, Spring framework as a war on EJB’s complexity) are just methodologies to better achieve something. Well, the processes are equally important as results. But they get so smitten by the ideas that they become sort of closed minded. You know the phase everyone goes through some time or other. An idea possesses your mind and you take pleasure in it. But trouble starts when leaders from the industry do that and they start shutting out or suppressing non conformity. To quote from Bertrand Russel, “All movements go too far.”

This is when some other leaders have to come forward to open up a forum for discussion. 

Thankfully, there are some leaders like Martin Fowler(he takes balanced views), DHH , Dan North (Programming Is Not A Craft) to help us.


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